Alternative Revolt Reviews Purple Xperience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

“PurpleXperience Pays Tribute to Prince at Red Rocks”

The resemblance between Charloff and Prince is striking. Both in looks
and musical prowess. The high notes. The guitar chops. The moves. It’s
all there in full supply. And the band, made up of accomplished
musicians as well, rounded out the experience seamlessly. On Purple Xperience

Fine Line Hosts MN Prince Tribute Band, The Purple Xperience


As Minnesota fans continue to mourn, the tributes and to Prince’s legacy continues. This week saw the gathering of Sheila E, Morris Day and The Time, and The Revolution for the first time since Prince’s passing. However, if you want the true Prince experience, look no further than The Purple Xperience.

The Purple Xperience is a five-piece Prince tribute band led by Marshall Charloff (frontman) and backed by Cory Eischen (Keys), Ron Long (Bass), Tracey Blake (Guitar), and Ron Caron (Drums). Established in Minneapolis in 2011, the group embodies the image, intensity, and sounds of the iconic love symbol’s life. With their non-stop energy, an array of changing scenery, it’s an entertaining trip you’ll never want to end.

El Paso Times Previews Purple Xperience

Top Prince tribute artist performs with symphony


Charloff has long performed Prince’s music in the tribute group The Purple Xperience. The group has been hailed as the top Prince tribute act, even before Prince’s sudden death in April — not only because of Charloff’s dynamic stage presence, musicianship and vocal talents, but because the group also featured keyboardist Matt Fink, aka Doctor Fink, of Prince’s original band The Revolution.

Charloff now not only performs with The Purple Xperience but also with symphonies worldwide, giving audiences who might never have had a chance to see Prince in person a taste of what made him an American treasure.

Pueblo Chieftan Reviews Purple Xperience

“Purple reign”


If I were a less rational man, I would be forced to believe that reports of the death of Prince Rogers Nelson had been greatly exaggerated.

While reason whispers that the whirlwind of charismatic talent before me — masterful on vocals, guitar, piano and dance moves — cannot possibly be His Purple Highness, the performance that unfolds over the course of two hours screams soul-infused evidence to the contrary.

Such are the persuasively convincing gifts, musically and aesthetically, of Marshall Charloff of The Purple Xperience.

In an ebullient Memorial Hall packed to near capacity Saturday, Charloff brought his dearly beloved as close to Prince as is possible without having to pass into the afterworld.

Park City, UT Park Record On Purple Xperience

Marshall Charloff pays tribute to Prince with the Utah Symphony


Charloff said being part of the Purple Xperience and a Prince tribute artist has been a blessing.

“As a musician, I get to express my soul through music,” he said. “Then to have an audience that comes in masses to hear you perform Prince music is also a blessing, because as an original artist, I wasn’t in a position to fill stadiums and theaters. So, selfishly, I get to express myself through the vehicle that is Prince, but still express myself musically.”

Funkatopia Reviews Purple Xperience

“Review: The Purple Xperience – John’s Creek, GA”

Funkatopia raves on Marshall Charloff and The PurpleXperience Prince tribute band.

Funkatopia raves on Marshall Charloff and The PurpleXperience Prince tribute band.


Fronted by the very talented Marshall Charloff, he hits all of the falsettos and screams and switches wardrobes a few times during the evening to keep the ladies in swoon. And unlike other Prince tribute bands, Marshall plays amazingly fluid guitar and great piano work as well.  The most impressive of which is the vocal work which he has nailed down to a science. Not to mention the sing alongs he leads the crowd through and the audience banter he’s nailed.

Dr. Fink was also at the top of his game with all of his trademark sound patches and riffs. When you consider that Fink actually co-wrote many of the songs you hear during the evening including Dirty MindAmericaComputer Blue and many others, it becomes much more satisfying. And let’s not forget that he is one of the pioneers of that buzzy funk we’ve all grown to love and adore. The innovator was in the house.

The Morning Call Reviews Purple Xperience

“Party like it’s 2017: Purple Xperience brings Prince tribute to State Theatre”



The Purple Xperience started when Willie was asked to put a band together to perform at the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame benefit concert. He asked Charloff to join, along with Doctor Fink. After the show, the two started talking about how they really enjoyed playing live together. Prior to that point, they’d only recorded in the studio with one another.

So, Charloff asked if Doctor Fink would be willing to play keys in a Prince tribute band. The answer was yes. Charloff’s agent for his dueling piano shows got the band their first gig in California.

“It went over really well, and then we just kept doing it, and that’s just how it started,” he says. “It started from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That was kind of our first crack at it. And it was supposed to be just one show.”

That one show has turned into about seven years’ worth of shows — the group has been playing together since late 2010. Charloff has also performed the music of Prince (though not in character) with symphonies around the country, including the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

With Charloff’s credentials, it may be hard to imagine someone more qualified to play Prince’s songs onstage.

Chicago Tribune Reviews Purple Xperience

“Prince fans flock to local theater to remember ‘Purple Rain’ star”

The band, featuring Charloff as lead singer, also includes Matt “Doctor” Fink.

Fink is better known to fans as the keyboardist often dressed in doctor’s scrubs and mask as a member of The Revolution — and later in The New Power Generation — from 1979 through 1991.

A three-time Grammy winner, Fink is credited as a co-writer on many of the most memorable Prince songs, including many from the Purple Rain album.