When Marshall Charloff & The Purple xPeRIeNCE landed in Billund, Denmark, it was the beginning of their European adventure.  Starting there, they were had the chance to see beautiful Danish countryside, sail on a ferry from Aarhus, eat real Danish danish with their coffee, and experience the bustle of a bicycle “rush hour” in Copenhagen.  They loved every minute, and made a lasting friend with Tarek, their badass European Tour Manager who was a native of Denmark and an impeccably professional host.

Here are a few of the cool things they got to see while touring:

Of all of the lighting pros Marshall & PX have worked with over the years, the LD in Copenhagen–named “August”–was the most memorable…a 21-year old SAVANT!

21-year-old Danish lighting SAVANT August blew the band away with his creativity and mastery!

Although geographically and age-wise, he wasn’t a natural Prince fan, he had familiarized himself with Prince’s catalog in preparation for Marshall & PX’s show in the auditorium at the world-famous Tivoli.  Some of his creative lighting design is evident with this clip of the band performing “America”.  Notice his use of red, white, blue, and even his imagery of a “Mushroom Cloud” on cue!


Denmark hosted Marshall Charloff & The Purple xPeRIeNCE with generosity and warmth.  They miss their Danish friends and fans, and hope to return soon!